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Architectural House Plans

Whitney Schrauth

Sustainable Architecture & Consulting

Whitney Schrauth is the principal and founder of Sustainable Architecture & Consulting, a Sausalito, California firm that specializes in environmentally sensitive design & construction. SA&C's goal is to promote sustainable design while creating beautiful spaces that are a pleasure to inhabit. Emphasis is placed on an approach that minimizes environment impact while maximizing building efficiency and the use of alternative energy sources. Non-toxic and recycled materials are used whenever possible, as are alternative techniques such as straw bale and rammed earth construction. Photovoltaics & greywater systems are also encouraged to minimize the use of traditional water and electrical systems. Additionally, all SA&C designs carefully consider a structure's relationship to its site to optimize its surrounding natural environment & blur the boundaries of interior and exterior. SA&C's design and consulting projects include residential, commercial, retail, restaurants, spas & resorts.

Designed by Whitney Schrauth:   Nantucket