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Architectural House Plans

James Gower

James Gower Residential Design

Mr. Gower has been steeped in architecture and design for much of his life. As a boy, he spent many hours at his father's architectural practice, and in the mid 1980's he studied at Carleton University's School of Architecture in Ottawa, Canada. As well as being schooled in architectural theory, Mr. Gower has experience in the practicalities of building new homes and renovating older houses. Through this construction experience, he has gained the ability to dovetail the spatial and aesthetic ideas of architecture with the sensibilities and cost-consciousness of the job site. His approach to design reflects that builder's know-how, a quality appreciated by owners and contractors alike. In addition to the aesthetic concepts of a designer and the practical considerations of a builder, Mr. Gower incorporates a soulful approach to his work. Deeply connected to the land, his creative roots are in nature and in a critical appreciation of the architecture around us. It's an approach that brings together the best of all elements- head, heart and soul.

Designed by James Gower:   Balfour, Fernwood, Lasca, Moberley, Monashee, Nasookin, Robson, Telkwa