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South Mountain Company, Inc.

South Mountain Company, Inc.

South Mountain Company is a 30 year-old design/build company located on Martha's Vineyard. As an employee-owned, resource conscious firm, the company believes that engaging as many participants as possible in the work, consistently produces rewarding results. This collaborative effort springs from a business model based on shared ownership, limited growth, craftsmanship, and service of the highest quality, community involvement, and long-term thinking.

As a company, they are determined to create buildings and settings that are enjoyed for generations– that stand as worthy expressions of a humane, well crafted, environmentally sound architecture. The English architect Charles Voysey said, "Simplicity, sincerity, repose, directness, and frankness are moral qualities as essential to good architecture as to good people." South Mountain Company tries to live up to these words.

Designed by South Mountain Company, Inc.:   Island CoHousing