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Colonial House Plans

Homes built from Colonial House Plans evoke memories of America’s original east coast settlements. These homes ranged from the New England coastline to the swamps of Georgia. Colonial home plans cover a range of classic styles, such as saltbox, Georgian, Garrison, and Dutch, and they are influenced by English, French, and Dutch architecture.

Colonial floor plans in general, and Southern Colonial House plans in particular, are often symmetrical in nature, including the placement of the front door, and all the windows. Homes built from Colonial style house plans are typically rectangular in shape, and the second floor square footage usually matches that of the lower floor. The exteriors are often composed of brick and/or clapboard.

Colonial house plans combine simple elegance with a touch of history. While different from one east coast region to another, most have multi-pane windows and pillars or columns, and are usually two-story homes.

Colonial House Plans

Common Characteristics of Colonial Home Plans:

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