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We have an incredible selection of craftsman plans to choose from. Homes built from craftsman house plans represent a true American style, but truth be known, they’re equally popular in Canada as well. Craftsman-style homes are easy to spot, with their unique rooflines and all the wood detailing under the gables.

Most homes constructed from Craftsman home plans have one of four styles of roof – front-gabled, cross-gabled, side-gabled, and (occasionally) hipped. While originally designed more often than not as one story houses, today’s Craftsman style home plans are usually for two-story homes.

The Craftsman style is also referred to as Arts & Crafts. And because of the similarities, they’re also referred to as Craftsman bungalow home plans and Craftsman cottage plans.

Our Craftsman floor plans have been used to construct beautiful homes all over the U.S. and Canada. Hopefully you’ll find the perfect Craftsman plans in this section of our site.

Craftsman House Plans

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