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Homes built from French house plans and French country plans usually have an asymmetrical façade, and steeply pitched roofs facing front and rear. Hipped roofs are common as well. Many of our French country house plans feature doors and windows beneath arched or rounded openings, and eaves that flare at the junction of the roof and the outer walls.

Many homes built from French country home plans have brick, stone or stucco on the exterior walls, and sometimes a combination of all three. Multiple roof elements provide a beautiful and unique outline when viewed from any direction.

Often inspired by manor homes in the French countryside, French country plans (often referred to as Acadian house plans) are used to construct homes that are elegant but easy to live in. French country home designs often feature exposed wood beams, stone floors, and plaster walls inside.

French Country House Plans

Common Characteristics of French Country Home Plans:

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