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Our portfolio of home plans and home designs includes unique examples of most sizes (from cabins to mansions), styles (Craftsman to Modern) and types (cottages to passive solar homes) of homes. Our home floor plans and building plans were created by some of America's most well-known and respected residential architects.

We hope that you enjoy viewing our beautiful homes, and that you find the perfect set of home blueprints to suit your needs!

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Aspen Lakes

Architect: Mount Bachelor Design Studio
Mount Bachelor Design Studio

Total Sq. Ft.: 3888  Bedrooms: 3  Baths: 3.5

The first thing that stands out as you approach this handsome home is the incredible Craftsman–style wood detailing beneath gabled roofs featured at both the opening to a large enclosed courtyard and the main entryway to the house. This use of wood was continued throughout the interior by the original homeowners. The great room enjoys terrific views to the rear through sliding glass doors topped by transom windows, and it also features a centrally–located fireplace along with a ceiling that soars to 18' in the middle of the room. And all the other rooms at the rear of the house – family room, breakfast nook, dining room, and the master bedroom – have equally fantastic views.

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Carolina Craftsman Cottage

Architect: William J. Addison, AIA
Addison Rainey Architects

Total Sq. Ft.: 3025  Bedrooms: 4  Baths: 3.5

This Craftsman classic was designed for a family in the Carolinas, but it would fit into almost any neighbor anywhere you'd like to live. A 10'–deep covered porch spans the entire front of the house, while an even deeper porch spans the rear. The upper level includes a large master suite along with two additional bedrooms, and there's another bedroom on the main level for guests or older family members, which could of course be used for other purposes if you wish.

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Luxury Living

Architect: Jon Rentfrow
Rentfrow Residential Design

Total Sq. Ft.: 4585  Bedrooms: 3  Baths: 3.5

As the name implies, this is a truly luxurious home! Originally built looking at a mountain range to the rear, it features huge lower and upper windows along with a curved deck that's covered by a barrel roof in the middle section. The ceiling in the foyer and great room soars to a dazzling 24', while the rest of the rooms have 10' ceilings. A truly breathtaking home, inside and out.

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Coastal Delight

Architect: William J. Addison, AIA
Addison Rainey Architects

Total Sq. Ft.: 2670  Bedrooms: 4  Baths: 4.0

This charming coastal home has 10'–deep covered porches at both the front and the rear – on both the main and the upper levels! There's a bedroom suite on the main level that would work perfectly for guests or older family members, while upstairs there's a master suite that enjoys the covered porch at the front, and two additional bedrooms that open to the one at the rear. Every room on both floors of this unique house has wrap around views. There's also an office on a third level with views to either side, and above it there's a wonderful cupola with a vaulted ceiling and views in all four directions. No wonder this house received a "Best in American Living" award.

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Field of Dreams

Architect: Jean Larson, AIA
SALA Architects, Inc.

Total Sq. Ft.: 2270  Bedrooms: 3  Baths: 2.5

This house seems to fit everyone's memory of old farmhouses. It's been a best–seller for as long as we've been in business, and when you see the photographs you will see why. Like all great farmhouses, it features clean outer walls that rise straight from the ground to the eaves of the gabled roof, and a covered porch next to a screened porch span the entire front of the house.

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Sort Plans By: Largest First | Smallest First Home Plans: 1 - 5 of 356