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Home Plan Detail

Quiet Cove

Plan ID Number: KA-014

Designed by: R W Knight
Knight Architecture


Square Footage

Total living area: 1,516
Total with basement: 3,024
Main Level:1,516
Footprint: More Information 50' 0" W x 44' 0" D


Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2.0
Master suite: Main Floor


Levels: 1

House Height: More Information 19' 0"
Ceiling Heights: More Information
Main level 8' 0"
Vaulted Ceilings in the: More Information


  • Open Floor Plan
  • Vaulted Ceiling
  • Abundant Windows
  • Large Decks
  • Wood Posts and Beams
  • Woodstove


The success of this house comes from the kind of merging of site, client, program and builder that every architect is always looking for. The clients had gotten a beautiful corner of a peninsula that looked into a quiet cove. It had a little knoll so the house could sit a bit proudly above the water, and allow a walkout basement for the easy storage of kayaks and waterfront items.

The design was to be a simple, easy-to-build structure that would have a large central living space flanked by a master bedroom suite on the east and two bedrooms and a bath on the west. No stone fireplace, rooftop balconies, or fancy trim details would get in the way of having a house that was affordable, easy to keep clean, easy to come and go from, and easy to live in for an extended three generation family.

The first version of this house had a loft space over the kitchen area, with stairs that went up over the staircase that goes down to the basement. But this pushed the budget over its limit, so the clients opted to do without it. To make the main space less cavernous, columns and beams were added, similar to an indoor pergola, to give the kitchen a more defined sense of space. The result is a wonderfully varied high–ceilinged space with a great south facing 5' diameter round window that lets a beam of sunlight play over the entire room. For this single story house, a relatively low pitched roof was used which didnŐt enclose too much volume. To avoid making this waterfront house look like a suburban ranch house, a large, welcoming entry porch was carved out of the house volume on the approach side, and on the water side the roofs were brought down low over a window seat sitting area. This lower roof creates a more intimate seating area in the southwest corner of the living space where the view was best, and from the outside, it made the house appear to flow down the hill toward the water. Several roof windows were added over the sitting area, which has almost the same effect as a glass roof, but is half the cost.

There is a modest deck, that's partially sheltered by a roof, that is accessed from the living room and master bedroom. Stairs lead to a larger lower deck that is more sheltered from the wind, is below the view from the window seat area, and continues the 'stepping down the hill' started by the roof over the window seat. This stepping down deck tends to mask the open space under the upper deck that leads to the walkout basement, and when you approach this house from the water you aren't oppressed by a large shadowy area under overhanging decks high above you.

Please Note
Due to licensing agreements, this home may not be built in Hancock County, Maine.

Floor Plans

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