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Lakeside Guest House

Plan ID Number: KA-018

Designed by: R W Knight
Knight Architecture


Square Footage

Total living area: 1,224
Main Level:552
Upper Level:672
Footprint: More Information 28' 0" W x 28' 0" D


Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1.5
Master suite: Upper Floor


Levels: 2

House Height: More Information 23' 9"
Ceiling Heights: More Information
Main level 8' 0"
Vaulted Ceilings in the: More Information


  • Compact Footprint
  • Window Seats
  • Flexible Floor Plan
  • Fireplace


There are two entrance doors, one at the porch and one on the side. The side door is handy to the kitchen and a small coat closet. A small porch roof shelters this door, which is next to the parking area. In this version, the side door is on the west, but reversing the plan will put it on the east side, away from the winter winds, if necessary. On this site, the prime views were on the south side, best enjoyed from the entry porch and most of the rooms. The porch entry is most useful in the summertime, when you'll want to relax on the porch and enjoy the view.

The ground floor bath has a half bath and laundry, with a stacking washer and dryer. The dining and living spaces are open, allowing some flexibility in the furniture arrangements. The living area has a fireplace at the end. Window seats flank the raised hearth and give you a cozy spot to read or relax by the fire. The kitchen is small, but can be arranged to provide a bit more workspace. You could also stretch that part of the house a bit and give yourself some more space for the kitchen and the bathrooms as well. The open stairway brings in extra light and adds to the spacious feeling.

The original design is on concrete slab, but you could also build over a crawl space or basement. If you have a basement, you can have a basement stair and enter it from the kitchen. And with basements, it is sometimes helpful to have an outside stair for moving bulky items into and out of it.

The second floor has two identical bedrooms and a shared full bath. The bedrooms each have a bed and a sitting space next to large windows. In the original design, these are the best seats in the house! You could set aside one bedroom for kids with two single beds built into the corners. The ceilings are 10' high at the peak, and slope down to chest'high walls, which give the rooms added visual interest. Large windows on two walls give you a great view and lots of light. And note the small window near the floor in the corner where you can curl up on a cushion under the low roof.

This design can work well on a sloping or level site. If there is a slope, then the porch should face downhill and the best view should be downhill.

Please Note
Due to licensing agreements, this home may not be built in Hancock County, Maine.

Floor Plans

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