Home Plan Detail

A Blue Hill Farmhouse

By: R W Knight
Knight Architecture


Square Footage

Total living area: 1942'
Basement: 0'
Main Level:1024'
Upper Level:918'
Footprint: 32' 0" W x 62' 0" D


Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2.0
Master suite location: Upper Floor


Levels: 2
Parking: Garage
Number of car stalls: 1
Foundation: Crawlspace
Lot type(s):
Modifiable to:
Modifiable to:
All others


  • Generous Entry Porch
  • Woodstove
  • Utility Room
  • Upstairs Office Nook
  • Screened Porch
  • Skylights


The "little house" contains the entry area and stairway plus a utility room and a full bath. You can enter the house through this space from either the front porch or the garage. The front porch is long, and deep enough to sit down on a nice summer day or evening, to enjoy the view or chat with the neighbors.

The "big house" flows directly from the entry hall. As you leave the entry hall, to your right is the kitchen, efficiently sized for one or two people. The kitchen has a large pantry cabinet, and the high ceilings allow for extra storage above the cabinets. From the kitchen you have a view toward the driveway and the backyard. It's close to the living and dining areas, truly the functional center of the house. The dining room has a two–story ceiling, with sunlight coming in from high windows and a skylight. It is really the visual center of the house, with an overlook from the second floor hall. The living room is open to the dining room and shares the sunlight from that room. It's designed to be a relaxing place to sit and talk and watch the fire. Completing the ground floor is a retreat in the far corner. This is a quiet place for reading or watching TV that is still next to the kitchen for quick snacks. In the center of all this is a woodstove, although it could also be a fireplace, that can be viewed from the dining and living rooms. There is room to sit next to it when you want to get extra toasty warm. For the original version, a metal chimney was chosen, but a brick chimney is just as easy to do. And at the end of the house, on the west side so you can enjoy the sunset, is a screened porch. Conveniently located near the kitchen, it can easily double as a summertime dining room.

The stairs lead to two bedrooms and the large bath. The bedrooms have a flat ceiling of 7'8" that slopes down to 4' at the edges. The stairway is filled with light from two skylights, one at the landing and another at the top of the stairs. Both the dining room and the stairway are light gathering spaces that bring light into several rooms at once. This way each room in the house gets sunlight from different directions. But first, pause and take a look out over and down into the dining room. At this oversized balcony space there is a bench and lots of light, another nice place to read and relax. In fact, you could easily put a desk here and use it as a small office.

The bath has two sinks, a large shower, and a soaking–sized tub. There is a small window in the shower, gathering light from the stairway, a skylight and a large window, making the room a sunny one at any time of day. The master bedroom has a dressing room and a small office space. There is also an attic stair going up to the large attic space above the bedroom. The sleeping area has space for dressers and bed, as well as chairs by the window which would make for a quiet place to read. There is also another small window that overlooks the dining room and borrows light from the skylight there.

At the other end of the hall, the second bedroom has room for a bed, a small window seat and a small desk. The seat and desk are under small windows set at eye level when you sit down. From the bed you can look out through the large windows that are placed above the porch roof and face the front of the house. From this bedroom you can enter the second attic storage room that is situated above the garage. This bedroom has a small closet, actually a wardrobe cabinet, because it was anticipated mostly as a guest room. You could use some of that storage room above the garage to increase the closet space.

Please Note
Due to licensing agreements, this home may not be built in Hancock County, Maine.

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