Home Plan Detail

Guest House Garage

By: Ed Kriskywicz
Construction Design


Square Footage

Total living area: 650'
Basement: 0'
Garage Level:1000'
Upper Level:650'
Footprint: 43' 9" W x 36' 9" D


Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1.0
Master suite location: Floor


Levels: 2
Parking: Garage
Number of car stalls: 2
Foundation: Slab
Lot type(s):
Modifiable to:
Modifiable to:
All others


  • 2-Car
  • Utility Sink
  • Upper In-Law Unit


This 2–car garage has a unique shape, which allows for additional square footage in the garage area. A utility sink and a counter are located in one corner, and a stairway leads to an upper in–law or guest floor. A door at the top of the stairs opens into an open space with abundant windows that provide views and natural light. A small kitchen and a full bath are located near the center of the living space, with two separate rooms on either side. The open floor plan allows for flexibility, so that you can decide how you want to use the spaces. The exterior has wood siding and windows along the upper floor, which gives it a 'cottage–like' appearance.

As you'll see if you compare the photos of the finished Guest House Garage with the floor plans and elevations, the owner decided to move the doorway and stairs to the upper level to a spot between the two garages. The plans we offer match the floor plans and elevations, but you too can modify them to match the photos.

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