Home Plan Detail

French Alps 2

By: Jon Rentfrow
Rentfrow Residential Design


Square Footage

Total living area: 4017'
Basement: 5683'
Footprint: 70' 0" W x 86' 6" D


Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 4.5
Master suite location: Upper Floor


Levels: 2
Parking: Garage
Number of car stalls: 3
Modifiable to:
Crawlspace, Pier, Slab
Lot type(s):
Modifiable to:


  • Study
  • Open Plan
  • Vaulted Ceilings
  • Large Master Bath
  • Large Mud Rm.
  • Spacious Closets


Clean lines and simple yet elegant details distinguish this second version of French Alps. It's still clad in synthetic stone and stucco, but from the outside they look like two completely different houses!

The only noticeable changes on the interior are in the living room and the study. While these rooms in the original house had bumped out window bays with angled walls, they are squared off in this second version. These changes are mirrored on the lower level, in the office and the wine cellar. And if you look very carefully at the upper level, you'll see that bedroom 3 juts out a bit at the rear (not changing the size or shape of the room, but creating a wider hallway/loft), the door to bedroom 4 has moved over slightly, and now both bedrooms have a full bath (instead of sharing one).

The net result is a slightly less expensive house to build, with a much more contemporary look. This house comes with plans for a lower level, but if you don't want or need a basement, just tell your builder.

Please Note
This new version of French Alps is quite new, so we have no photos of the interior yet. However, as the homes are nearly identical inside, we've decided to display the interior photos of the original.

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