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Our portfolio of home plans and home designs includes unique examples of most sizes (from cabins to mansions), styles (Craftsman to Modern) and types (cottages to passive solar homes) of homes. Our home floor plans and building plans were created by some of America's most well-known and respected residential architects.

We hope that you enjoy viewing our beautiful homes, and that you find the perfect set of home blueprints to suit your needs!

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Architect: Darrel DeBoer
DeBoer Architects

Total Sq. Ft.: 1112  Bedrooms: 1  Baths: 1.0

This unique structure was built as a guesthouse. It has thick straw bale walls, and it was designed for passive solar gain. The house has a gentle curve, and tremendous views to the rear. The ceiling of course curves as well, and it's sloped throughout its length, from 8' at the rear of the house to 13' at the front.

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Island CoHousing

Architect: South Mountain Company, Inc.
South Mountain Company, Inc.

Total Sq. Ft.: 1094  Bedrooms: 2  Baths: 1.0

This small cottage was designed to be one of a number of getaway homes in Martha's Vineyard. The drawings include a number of options for both the lower and upper levels. In the smallest version there's an open kitchen and living space on the main level and two bedrooms on the upper. Two slightly larger versions add a dining room and a third bedroom on the main level, but the house outline is different. And the upstairs of these two versions includes a fourth bedroom.

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Hansel and Gretel

Architect: R W Knight
Knight Architecture

Total Sq. Ft.: 1020  Bedrooms: 1  Baths: 1.0

This house was designed for a single person, though it would do fine for a couple. For a one bedroom house just over 1,000 square feet, it actually has quite a bit of elbow room. Its form, and especially the image of the French door up in the gable, is reminiscent of a little cabin imprinted on the architect in Big Sur, on the central coast of California.

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Justin's Eco Cabin

Architect: Michael J. Eckhardt

Total Sq. Ft.: 952  Bedrooms: 1  Baths: 1.0

This cozy cabin has a small and simple footprint, and makes use of eco–friendly materials. It was originally designed with a metal roof, which is ideal if you are also interested in rainwater collection.

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Eco Cottage

Architect: James Polk
James Polk

Total Sq. Ft.: 952  Bedrooms: 1  Baths: 1.5

Eco Cottage is a unique home, with a very small footprint and two upper loft levels. With a tree house feel to it, the original home was built next to a bayou in Mississippi. The architect, whose focus is on ecologically–friendly design, used recycled windows and wood, and the walls and roof were constructed with SIPs (structural insulated panels). The use of a metal roof and metal siding provided a durable and cost–effective finish for the exterior.

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Sort Plans By: Largest First | Smallest First Home Plans: 326 - 330 of 349