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One Story House Plans

Downsizing, along with a desire for master bedrooms on the main level, have made homes constructed from one story house plans more popular than ever. Single story house plans are not style-specific, nor are the outlines of the homes predictable. Homes built from one story plans can be wide or narrow, shallow or deep, small or large, and of any style you can name (and some you can’t!).

Because there’s no second level, one story home plans often feature rooms with vaulted ceilings and/or clerestory windows. Single story plans sometimes have a basement level, but if a house you like is not designed to have a lower level but you want one, it can be added as long as there’s room on the main level for a stairway.

Single story floor plans tend to be very space efficient because the main level of a house is usually a little bit more expensive to build (per square foot) than an upper level.

One Story House Plans

Common Characteristics of Single Level House Plans:

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