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Why not build your new home using non-toxic construction materials and healthy construction techniques? No chemical off-gassing, mold, pesticides, etc ...

The products displayed below will enable your builder to construct your new home (or remodel an existing home) with healthy, non-toxic building materials, and to employ the latest healthy construction techniques. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is living in a healthy and safe environment.

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Healthy Construction Guidelines

Healthy Construction Guidelines

Our Guidelines will enable you and your builder to remodel (or construct) your home using the highest quality and most durable non-toxic materials available, at no additional cost. Formatted to match the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) guidelines, it explains the health concerns inherent in most conventional building materials, identifies where they are used in the construction process, recommends the very best non-toxic alternatives available today, provides the contact information for all the manufacturers and distributors of these products, and explains special healthy building techniques.

We wrote and published our Healthy Construction Guidelines in 2004. So some of the products specified may have changed. However, this should not present a problem, as the manufacturers and sellers of these products will know of them, and their new names if they’ve changed. The healthy building techniques explained in the Guidelines will have not have changed, and are an essential part of the book.