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Simple Single Story

Architect: Debra Coleman
Passive Solar Designs

Total Sq. Ft.: 1879  Bedrooms: 3  Baths: 2.5

This is a very economical house to build – the shape is a perfect rectangle; it has a very simple crossing roof; and thanks to its efficient use of space, there's room for up to 3 bedrooms in just 1,879 sf of living space. However, as you'll see from the photos and the floor plan, this simple house has details that make it as attractive as it is functional. If you use scissors trusses to support the roof, the ceiling vaults to 12' down the centerline; and the house provides great views to the rear.

Quiet Haven

Architect: Laura Daley
Laura Daley

Total Sq. Ft.: 1246  Bedrooms: 2  Baths: 2.0

This small house would work perfectly as a vacation home or a cabin. The exterior look is perfectly suited for a natural environment, and it has a deck that wraps around the front and one side. Even though it's only 1,246 sf, there's room for up to three small bedrooms on the main and upper levels, and you can add one more if you build the basement level. This house was designed for a high elevation site in the Rocky Mountains, so it's ready for any kind of weather.

Wrap Around Views

Architect: Jon Rentfrow
Rentfrow Residential Design

Total Sq. Ft.: 4278  Bedrooms: 4  Baths: 4.5

Views abound in all directions in this stunningly attractive house. The facade is composed of stucco and synthetic stone, with lots of interesting accents and details. Gables and gabled dormers contrast beautifully with the front–sloping French Country–style roof, and the multi–paned windows add to the overall effect. This same attention to detail is reflected in the interior of the house as well.

Mediterranean Style Villa

Architect: F.P. Wynn
Wynn Architecture

Total Sq. Ft.: 4623  Bedrooms: 4  Baths: 4.5

This magnificent luxury home was designed by the architect for his son, so it was clearly a special project. The exterior's shape, multiple rooflines, and fine detailing combine to create a house that is truly unique and utterly stunning! This attention to detail of course carries into the interior, which is best described as opulent. It's distinguished by soaring ceilings, classic columns, arched openings, and luxurious materials. If you're looking for a four–bedroom luxury home, you need to take a look at this Mediterranean–style masterpiece.

Lena's Cottage

Architect: Michael J. Eckhardt

Total Sq. Ft.: 1393  Bedrooms: 1  Baths: 1.5

This simple yet quite attractive one–story house has only one (master) bedroom suite on the main level, but if you construct the basement, there's room for two or three additional bedrooms and a large family room. The covered front porch has two doors off of it – one opening to the foyer, and another opening to the kitchen and dining area. There's also a large screened porch at the side of the house that can be accessed either from the hearth room or the dining room. A fireplace and an entertainment center can be enjoyed from the kitchen as well as the hearth room. The master suite's in the rear, and there's a mudroom and laundry room set between the 2–car garage and the front hall.

Home Plans: 51 - 55 of 60  

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