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We specialize in unique house plans! Folks searching for unique home plans – instead of the generic plans found on “stock” plan sites – want to build a house that does not match their neighbors’ homes. They want it to stand out in some way, but not scream “Look at me!”. This is often true of the interiors as well, so unique floor plans are also what many of our customers are looking for.

While all of our houses were created for specific clients, and intended to be one-of-a-kind homes, folks looking specifically for unique house plans with unique floor plans typically are looking for a home that stands out, or makes some form of statement.

Within this category we’ve also included homes built from what some would consider unusual house plans. Again, like unique homes, unusual homes often have unusual floor plans as well.

So, while all of our plans are unique, we’ve been careful to select only truly unique home designs for this section of the website.

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Common Characteristics of Unique House Plans:

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